Issues You Need to have to Know about Granite Kitchen Tops


Referring to Nancy Epstein, granite is deemed a tough stone that is acid-resistant and also incredibly dense. It is very tricky when it comes to deciding upon an admirable kitchen area leading. Installation of the granite kitchen topis in highdemand because it has a lofty cost tag.

Granite is 1 of the igneous rocks which are composed of quartz minerals. It is readily available in diverse shades, these are: cream white, deep black, gray, brilliant blue, and also salmon pink. This post discusses other critical factorspeople want to know about granite kitchen area tops. These points may perhaps come in helpful through installation.

Merits of granite kitchen tops

  • It is deemed to be a extended-long lasting stone
  • It is pretty dense
  • It is acid resistant
  • It is a lot less like to get scratches
  • It is less probably to get stains

Demerits of granite kitchen area tops

  • If not sealed, granite is prone to stain
  • Really should be stored cost-free from acidic foods and drinks
  • Is it pretty complicated to discover an aesthetically fresh granite

Some of the factors to consider although picking out the granite kitchen tops

Aside from thinking of the granite kitchen tops price ranges in Kenya, the next are some other variables you need to take into account

1. Buyer’s flavor and choices.

When picking any kind of stone you need to make absolutely sure you like the search of the stone regardless of sounding clear. This is since when installing the kitchen area major, you will need to treatment for it to expand its longevity interval. Which is why it is advisable to find the slab that you like.

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2. Model

Some granite slabs have a normal sample, which is why it is sensible to consider the type factor that matches your kitchen

3. Physical ailment of the granite when getting it.

Right after you are contented with the aesthetic make confident the slab is crack-free of charge and crammed excessively. Both equally cracking and filling weaknesses may lead to future issues

The cause why sealing the granite kitchen tops is essential

All stones aside from granite should really be sealed. This is to protect against staining or in other text, etching from settling in. The additional the stone is porous, the higherthe chance of obtaining stained. Granite is neither porous nor nonporous.

Care and routine maintenance of granite kitchen tops

Kitchen area tops that are not sealed can get stained or even take up damaging bacteria. A person really should use a cleaner precisely for granite. One particular can also choose to go for a cleaning soap that is neither primary nor acidic.

It is also sensible for 1 to continue to keep absent from the cleaners that contain as well many contents of chemical substances. These chemical substances take away the protective sealant.

If the chemical substances transpire to spill accidentally thoroughly clean them as rapidly as possible to prevent extensive-long lasting destruction.

A single can also use baking soda or even hydrogen peroxide to get away with oil or any other hazardous compound that can hurt the granite.


From the earlier mentioned remarks, it is depicted that it is really worth employing the kitchen area leading granite.

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