Looking Red Stag on the South Island of New Zealand


You have attained the proper position if you program to go crimson stag hunting in New Zealand. But before all of that, you must guarantee that you have suited outfits and tools for the searching terrain and climate in New Zealand.

Just one can come upon a unexpected temperature modify in the forest or high mountains simply because mountains surround New Zealand. Maritime problems heavily impact its local climate, and the climate fluctuates during the yr.

Owing to the challenging terrain, it is advised to have a good fitness amount as you are going to be traversing hillsides, dropping more than mountains, and shifting by streams to discover your trophy stag.

When really should 1 stop by New Zealand for Stag Searching?

The first question that 1 asks although heading for a New Zealand stag hunt is when must we go? The response to that concern is that you can hunt any huge pink stag at any time of 12 months. But it is best to pay a visit to March just before it will get way too chilly and just before the “Roar.”

The Roar is just one of the most well-liked instances to hunt crimson stag. About Roar season, the authorities cordons the individual place. It commonly starts all over the center of March and is performed to limit the obtain for hunters to particular blocks of land.

What to pack when organizing New Zealand hunting trips in stag looking period?

Enable us seem at a few important matters you should pack before likely on New Zealand searching journeys.

  1. Make certain that you pack an outstanding windproof and waterproof shell layer to safeguard you from the switching climate.
  2. Packing Camouflage-patterned clothes is beneficial when searching but is not critical. You can also wear boring greens, browns, or olive if you really do not have camouflage searching garments.
  3. Most of the hunting is spot and stalk. So, it is advised to have a superior pair of binoculars for recognizing animals. You can get binoculars with 10*40s.
  4. Packing with a stable pair of boots is vital. Boots with very good ankle support and a business sole with a good grip are vital. It is necessary for steeper ailments observed on the South Island.
  5. You want to use closely insulated coats or jackets, as the weather conditions is freezing when you trek up the hill. Putting on these will make you at ease all through the chilly nights and mornings. You can also strip off a layer or two if you truly feel warm or as the temperature rises.
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Crimson Stag Hunt New Zealand gives the best hunting working experience to travellers. For the hunt, it is encouraged to have firearms with a flat-taking pictures caliber such as a .300 Winchester magnum, which can work good with the range of species and terrain found in New Zealand. But just before you bring firearms or ammunition to New Zealand, one need to have a visitor’s firearms license. Finish your application in advance to ensure no concerns even though savoring your journey.

Soon after the hunt to get your meat out of New Zealand, you will have to total some lawful types, which are an absolute requirement. This certificate will support the government officials to affirm the origin and form of meat you have.


Hunting on the South Island of New Zealand is a life time trip that everybody remembers. But there are a few issues that one ought to consider ahead of organizing a hunt. You should normally be outfitted with warm dresses as the temperature on the hills can be freezing for some, and make sure that you have binoculars for a better see and hunt from a prolonged length. Obtaining camouflage clothing is unwanted, but it’s good if you have those people.

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